IT Strategy, Consulting, Governance and other CIO services

We provide IT Consulting, start-up mentoring, CIO and CEO services enabling businesses to supplement their skills with experienced and skilled consultants and seize the opportunities for growth, change and success. 

Our consultants are highly qualified with many years of experience and possess that rare blend of commercial, managerial and technical skills.

We excel at starting new companies and turning around divisions of larger enterprises to succeed in their changing business IT environment.

The engagement is specifically tailored to suit your business needs - full time, part-time, project, interim, outsourced or on a supplemental basis.

A Whitmar appointment brings many advantages:

·   Speed: We can be on board at short notice when an urgent need arises.

·   Help where it is needed: We can work on projects of fixed duration to achieve specific goals.

·   Flexibility: We can operate part-time where there is no need for a full-time appointment.

·   Recruitment/Sourcing: We can assist in the sourcing and recruitment of a permanent CEO, CIO, IT staff or vendors.

·   Reducing risk: The use of an interim CIO enables a company to meet its urgent short-term needs with no long-term commitment.